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Employee survey

Your views and opinions are being sought!
-   establish the company's strengths and weaknesses in respect of working conditions and the conditions prevailing at the workplace and
- highlight means of improving employees' health and wellbeing.

All the company's employees are participating in the survey.
It will take you some 10 to 15 minutes to fill out the questionnaire. If you have problems in understanding the questions, please consult your colleagues. You should still answer the questions yourself, however.
The survey is being conducted anonymously and without employees having to give their name. It is not possible to draw conclusions as to the identity of individual employees, and this is also not the aim of the survey. The data will be assessed outside of the company. Your company will only be notified of the overall results (average values).
It is up to you whether you participate in the survey or not. We do, however, hope that you will take this opportunity to pass on your relevant experience to us.

Many thanks in advance for your trouble!

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